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August 20, 2006

eilat pictures

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so i’m a little slow in uploading stuff 😆 but at least i’m getting it down so here they are: (we stayed in the herod’s palace just BTW)

balcony view

more pictures on my flickr account  


nothing much

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just doing some phone calls for Sylvie while listening to lilix. i really like their new song “sweet temptation”. This company i called is so cute lol. the guy who’s in charge their was just over last week for a meeting and a woman from there had called asking for something, but i couldn’t help her so yoni (he boss who was at my house) asked me for the phone and pretended to be some random person OMFG Adam and i were laughing so hard 😆 he was like “who is this, which department do you work in? do you like your job” and a bunch of other random questions, then he was like “do you know who you’re talking to?” and she apparently didn’t -so i’m sure it must have really shocked her when she found out that it was her boss XD

August 15, 2006


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Did i mention how much i love Adam? well just in case i haven’t, i’m doing so now 😛 he’s just so nice and hot and talented *swoons* i can’t wait till he comes back tomorrow^^ i feel like a total idiot though at the same time because never have i been so in love and weird, but i am now. every day when he comes over i just can’t stop smiling 😳 😀

August 12, 2006

i’m sooo confused

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we ate out at sarah’s house and of course being the sheer genius she is, the topic of conversation obviously got academic. Not to say that i care much, being the underachiever i am. But now my mother was having this huge conversation bout what i want to do with my life. now to tell you the truth, i didn’t really think my mother cared 😕 so now this was really shocking to hear her voice anything on the matter. well after discussing things, i guess i will really be straying the path my mother has in mind for my younger brothers (another thing that’s confusing me). whatever, this way my life will just be more suited for Adam i guess XD 😆 i really should stop thinking about him though if i don’t want to disappointed myself. In the meantime, i will be taking like every extra class they offer this year (well besides for math that i seriously suck at :P)  

August 10, 2006

Trades and stuff

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Jackie was looking for a 04AN so i decided to sell her mine, and she’s going to trade me her 03rd (yay!) for my 03ssor. i kind of feel bad that i never bonded with her (especially after rudi looked for her for me) I think it’s because of her SAJ body which i hate on all the petwroks girls (since it’s so unposeable) but at least on the other girls i was able to switch them for either sekiguchi or obitsu bodies but because of 03ssor’s complexion, i can’t switch her body. which reminds me, Jackie is even switching the body of the 03rd for me to a sekiguchi body! thanks so much^^  now with the extra cash i can finally buy those volks clothes i was eyeing, plus some Parakiss stuff 😀 I hope Rilly will be able to help us with the paypal transaction 😕

August 9, 2006


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today i went to Jerusalem to get an exemption from the army because it was really worrying me (besides, all my friends have already done it like 3 months ago) i also spoke to Sylvie and she said i’s really not too bad for girls to skip the army, it’s more of a problem for boys. well all went well and i feel so much better ^_^

i also partly finished my Miwako custom momoko (from Paradise Kiss) ~> i could curl her hair, but i really like how i did it now^^ i just need to set it so it stays. also, if i have more time, i’ll sew her something happy berry- inspired 🙂 I am in love with paradise kiss by the way! the anime was great and i have yet to read the manga (thanks to Jess i’ll have lots of manga to read soon! thanks so much!) it really inspired me to sew much more! i just did stripey pajamas and a pair of pants. YAY MORE SEWING! Parakiss= love 😆 OK i’ll try to stop obsessing :p

August 8, 2006

Army Papers

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I just got my second paper from the army, saying that i’ll be drafted unless i try to get exempted by the 14th. I’m really nervous about this…my father also got a similar letter (except they don’y want him to fight, rather to do guard duty) and he’s really phsyched about it o_O? what’s up with that? i guess i’m just a pathetically un-brave person and believe me, i feel really bad about it T_T  i really admire those that do fight for their country, but i just don’t have the guts to do it myself. if they needed help in the kitchens though, that would be a different story ;P   

August 5, 2006

Feeling good

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Ahh this power walks out with the dog are really invigorating! i feel like i could go out there and jog for another hour! I also got some emails done which is good, and i may win rem’s custom momoko! i really hope i do cuz i love it so much^^ the doll, hair and outfit are so awesomely done! anyhow, i’ll only know Monday night *gasp it seems like an eternity* i really hope i don’t get outbid because i won’t be able to go any higher >_<

We got invited to this dinner of some close friends (actually they’re the ones i ran over to babysit for at 5:00am :lol:) and they have such a hot cousin! he’s so funny and i love his little accent 🙂 (has anyone noticed that i seem a little  boy crazy? cuz i’m starting to see a pattern now that i’ve been blogging here…)

July 31, 2006


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while jogging with Bambi (formerly known as clover) i decided to drop by nechama’s since she just moved and guess what? she had the same movers we did 😆 (but a completely different experience) in the end though i had to rush back because i found out my mother wasn’t feeling well T_T it really sucks to be sick! i think i’ll stay up tonight and sort through boxes for her so she can rest more at ease knowing things are getting done.

Also, i don’t know what I’ve done to deserve this, but both gab and alr are being such assholes! what are their problems? gabs been all moody lately and i seriously can’t stand his attitudes. alr is like stalking me or something, and she emailed me today saying “i was bored so i was going to the forums you usually go to and i read what you wrote [insert my comment here] and you should just know, anybody can read it, as i just proved to you” WTF? i think i knew that by posting something up, it would be available to whoever’s interested in reading it, secondly, what is she…my mother? i don’t know, she just really pisses me off sometimes

July 30, 2006

Music Search!

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there’s this song that i heard a while back (i think it came on a lot in 2000 maybe?) and i forgot most of the words and who sang it, but i really want to find it so if anyone knows what it could be from the little excerpt that i remember (although, knowing me, that might be wrong too…) please let me know! here goes: “i think we’re alone in the universe tonight” x2

Thanks in advance^^

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