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January 6, 2007

Looking for a bidding agent?

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if anyone out there is looking for a bidding company to help them bid on yahoo! japan i highly reccomend using abidko ( they are super friendly and anwser to their emails quickly! i have only had good experiences in my dealings with them!


July 9, 2006

british weekend

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so i just came back from the hotel and what i really need now is some calamine lotion for those friggin jellyfish bites T_T how come i was the only one who got bitten eh?

This weekend the hotel was packed with Brits for some reason. Now i kind of feel bad saying this but i generally don’t like English people. I don’t even really know why…maybe it’s because they make all those Irish jokes, or maybe i just find them extremely stuck up, but whatever the case may be, i met this really sweet British guy^^ Just goes to show you how you can’t generalize (not that i didn’t know that before, but i just wanted to stick that in now) Oh shit, my aunt’s calling again for like the 15th time tonight. doesn’t she understand that when i said he’ll call her back when he gets home that i mean it?! OK so i have to go answer the phone now…again.

July 6, 2006

Turkey guy

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have you ever felt that you found ‘mr right’ but because you are too…i dunno you just brush him off? that’s kind of how i feel about the turkey guy. no he is not the guy at the supermarket that sells turkey, i call him that because of a little joke he played on me which i didn’t find funny at the time, but it actually kind of is 🙂 anyhow, now he’s in New York studying to be a doctor and i’m here… well if it’s really meant to be he’ll come back i suppose.

today i cleaned my room since we’ll be moving soon and i filled 2 garbage bags of useless stuff! i’m not kidding (or as nechama would say “are you joshing me?”) —>ha ha josh is such a hot name. anyhow, gtg take the dog out for a walk! we’re going to hertzeliah tommorow for the weekend with claude and his…person and then i have a makeup exam on monday >_< but it’s only english so it’s not that bad 🙂

June 30, 2006


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i’ve made myself a weight loss program that’ll be from now till December (let’s see if i can even keep it that long 😉 ) and i’m also going to go biking every night (i decided i don’t care what Mrs. s thinks <_<) and by then i should be invisible mwahaha! i think walking to our new apartment every day will also help towards my goal since it’s double the walk that i’ve had this year. i should really even kick myself out of bed in the morning and walk then too cuz then i’m guaranteed an hour walk each day^^ but i doubt that’ll happen.

June 29, 2006


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i decided to browse through deviant-art and sort through my messages ( they accumulated soo much since i was last there! i must make it a point to check it more often) and now i’m all refreshed and inspired to draw some more! i want to experiment more with my inking pens to get the same kind of effect HOON gets^^

today i watched millennium actress again, ah it’s so good (^_^) progress on my chiyoko momoko is coming along well, all i need is the key necklace.

June 28, 2006

feeling apathetic

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stupid hormones!!! i woke up feeling so weird, like i was going to be sick or something, so i just wasted the day lying around in pajamas doing nothing. i feel like nothings going right. we just lost the house we were going to buy and now since we needed to find something quick before this lease ended, we rented this small gross apartment >_< whatever, at least it’s in a good location.

on a better note, we made scones today (my first time, and they were actually pretty good!) and i got two slips (for the post office) so i’ll go pick up my stuff tomorrow…i wonder what came? maybe i’ll go watch a movie and stop trying to make that kimono since it looks like shit and my own mother doesn’t want to see it anymore <_<

June 27, 2006


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yay rem finished akinori’s pink hair re-root! she looks so much better now and the hair looks so silky^^ i’m in the process of getting her some little red glasses to finish off her look ~

last night i had such a good dream! David was in it^^ seriously, what i wouldn’t give to see David again ^_^  maybe he’ll come down some time?

the accountant lady came over yesterday (sand-witched in between 2 back to back babysitting jobs >_<) but now my father wants to pay me so maybe it won’t e that bad after all, although i would feel bad taking money from him since he’s already paying the lady. i found out yesterday that she does river dancing! who would’ve thought XD

June 21, 2006

boring day

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well today was a waste of a day. i was supposed to to take care of my army papers but i ended up house-sitting instead. then that accountant lady came today so i just kept taking "coffee breaks" 😉 i'm thinking of going jogging after this so that i'll feel like i did something (too much free time= more time browsing shops on-line which is dangerous indeed (._.) ) oh shit i forgot to call Deena! she's having an operation tomorrow and i've been meaning to call her…OK i'll go do that now! 

June 20, 2006

stupid lady

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ugh yesterday my father got a secretary to keep track of all his accounting (and i was glad to be relieved of the job since i seriously don't have enough time for it) so yesterday my father asked me to translate for him and do you know what she said to me?! she told me that i'd have to help her! i was like "lady, we're paying you to work, not me and you can't make me work" whatever, i'm still stuck as her "little helper" as she likes to call me >_< and every 2 seconds she's correcting my grammer! i hate it! doesn't she realise i've only been here like a year and that my native language is English and that Hebrew is my 4th?! whatever, if she wasn't so wrinkly and ugly i might've almost bit her yesterday lol 

she's coming in 15 minutes though and there's no one home to save me…maybe i'll call sarah and ask her to go for a walk with me^^ except then my father would be seriously pissed with me for leaving her alone (and probably waiting at the door :p)  

June 15, 2006


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youknow, i was just wondering why there are hackers in this world. is it because they are discontent with their own lives and need to intrude in other people's lives or is it simply because they wish to make themselves feel important and just have no other talent? the reason i'm bringing this up is because of that freaky dream i had last night. in it, i was typing up something on my almost-broken laptop (sadly it's like that in real life too) and suddenly weird pop ups started coming up, then full websites…then i even started seeing this second arrow on the screen….gah it was like a horror dream <_< 

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