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July 28, 2006

Red midnight crossing

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yes! i might get her, and for a really good price! now my momoko collection will feel complete! (how many times have i already said that?….) all i have to do is wait another 3 hours and then i will know! the suspense is killing me! i’ve pacing around the computer, browsing aimlessly, and putting these little exclamation marks everywhere! ok i’ll stop đŸ˜›

last night i finished the layered Mediterranean  dress i was sewing (took me like all day, but with lots of breaks mind you) and it looks really nice on Winona. I’ll have to take pictures. Well i actually have taken pictures, i just have no way of uploading them since i have no clue where that little disc went in the move… oh well,  i could always try hooking up the other computer instead. I think it still has the program installed there.


July 12, 2006

darn moogle

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i’m spending way too long sewing this dumb moogle >_< well at least there’s good music playing^^ i’m listening to frou frou’s songs which are so good (not to mention her awesome music videos đŸ™‚

i think i’m dehydrated…*runs off to get some water*

July 10, 2006

just another day…

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i saw this beautiful dress that itachi made out of clay, so i attempted to sew something like it for my momoko. sadly i remembered halfway through how i can’t follow instructions and so i just ended up making 2 random tops instead (which came out really well in my opinion). I can’t wait for the magnet obitsu bodies to come so i can see how well that magnet thing actually works^^

June 18, 2006

just some random stuff

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yay school's almost over! now i can devote more time to finishing up those 2 yukatas i started sewing a while back. we're moving again at the end of next month so we're already going to shuttle some stuff there which will help us see how much unnecessary junk we have so we can get rid of it (it's times like these when i wish my finger didn't get so 'mouse-clicking-happy' when i'm browsing eBay…who browses eBay anyways? it's seriously a problem) anyhow, i hope those guys at abidko get back to me already, seriously, they only email me to ask for money, other then that they won't answer my emails >_< whatever, i doubt i'll have the patience to deal with them again after this, i just hope they'll send my stuff out soon! 

looking at robot's pictures always make me wish i was in them (^_^) they're so beautiful and he can make even a scummy area look gorgeous (kind of what miyazaki can do in his movies) speaking of miyazaki… i need to watch spirited away when school lets out^^ but until then, i've got plenty of tests to study for (like tommorow's bio test for example…) 

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