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August 5, 2006

Feeling good

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Ahh this power walks out with the dog are really invigorating! i feel like i could go out there and jog for another hour! I also got some emails done which is good, and i may win rem’s custom momoko! i really hope i do cuz i love it so much^^ the doll, hair and outfit are so awesomely done! anyhow, i’ll only know Monday night *gasp it seems like an eternity* i really hope i don’t get outbid because i won’t be able to go any higher >_<

We got invited to this dinner of some close friends (actually they’re the ones i ran over to babysit for at 5:00am :lol:) and they have such a hot cousin! he’s so funny and i love his little accent 🙂 (has anyone noticed that i seem a little  boy crazy? cuz i’m starting to see a pattern now that i’ve been blogging here…)


July 31, 2006


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while jogging with Bambi (formerly known as clover) i decided to drop by nechama’s since she just moved and guess what? she had the same movers we did 😆 (but a completely different experience) in the end though i had to rush back because i found out my mother wasn’t feeling well T_T it really sucks to be sick! i think i’ll stay up tonight and sort through boxes for her so she can rest more at ease knowing things are getting done.

Also, i don’t know what I’ve done to deserve this, but both gab and alr are being such assholes! what are their problems? gabs been all moody lately and i seriously can’t stand his attitudes. alr is like stalking me or something, and she emailed me today saying “i was bored so i was going to the forums you usually go to and i read what you wrote [insert my comment here] and you should just know, anybody can read it, as i just proved to you” WTF? i think i knew that by posting something up, it would be available to whoever’s interested in reading it, secondly, what is she…my mother? i don’t know, she just really pisses me off sometimes

July 26, 2006

Busy week…

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sorry i haven’t posted in a while. It’s been really hectic around here unpacking and all but i’m back! Avichai (the guy who was working part time as a mover mentioned in my post bellow) came over today, so it was nice to see him again 🙂

Bambi got worms now so we’ve been keeping him out till we can get him over to the vet. Poor guy keeps whimpering at the door 😥 but i made sure to go jogging with him so he got lots of attention and exercise.  Oh today my little brother graduated from elementary (well really junior high) so i went to that. I was so proud of him! he worked so hard on all the computer related stuff for the class, and he was seriously working up till the last minute *proud*

July 3, 2006


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guess what! i got a puppy today! he’s the cutest thing! (well besides for…) but we took him to the vet and he’s all better now^^ minou’s taking to him better than i thought she would which is a relief.

another package came today (from seph) and i’m really getting to know the mail man now lol. he collects stamps so when he gives me my package, i cut the stamps out for him XD well whatever floats his boat 😉

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