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July 30, 2006

Music Search!

Filed under: music — yuffie @ 3:59 am

there’s this song that i heard a while back (i think it came on a lot in 2000 maybe?) and i forgot most of the words and who sang it, but i really want to find it so if anyone knows what it could be from the little excerpt that i remember (although, knowing me, that might be wrong too…) please let me know! here goes: “i think we’re alone in the universe tonight” x2

Thanks in advance^^


July 12, 2006

darn moogle

Filed under: music, sewing — yuffie @ 11:07 am

i’m spending way too long sewing this dumb moogle >_< well at least there’s good music playing^^ i’m listening to frou frou’s songs which are so good (not to mention her awesome music videos 🙂

i think i’m dehydrated…*runs off to get some water*

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