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April 3, 2007

the wedding date

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i just finished watching this movie^^ it was so good! see now why can’t i get a guy that’s more to my liking? (well i know that it’s because the guy has to be to my parents liking too since they think i’m like 15 but that’s besides the point) when will they realize that i am old enough to make my own decisions? fine they can voice their opinions, but not to the point of… well whatever, i’m so not even going to get into this whole “shalom” buissness…


June 25, 2006

spirited away

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yes school's over! *does little victory dance in her pj's* finally i have time to go through all the unwatched DVDs that have been accumulating in my room ^^ Gabriel just fixed my computer so it's good for another little while!

tonight i watched spirited away (yes i'm guilty of having let that one slide onto my 'waiting list') and it was so good! it still freaks me out how miyazaki draws pigs though <_< *shudders while remembering princess mononoke* it's so cool how two characters who look exactly alike and have the same voice can give off such different impressions eh? one thing that bothered me however were the extras. i hate when America puts in their little 2 cents. i really don't know why it bothers me so much… maybe it's because i think it takes away from the authenticity of the Japanese anime, or it could just be because i'm originally Canadian and that Canadian pride imbued in me just doesn't let me like America that much? hmm but nechama's American and i get along with her just fine… whatever, all in all it was a great movie and i can't wait to watch another one tomorrow! man i love vacation^^  

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