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August 10, 2006

Trades and stuff

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Jackie was looking for a 04AN so i decided to sell her mine, and she’s going to trade me her 03rd (yay!) for my 03ssor. i kind of feel bad that i never bonded with her (especially after rudi looked for her for me) I think it’s because of her SAJ body which i hate on all the petwroks girls (since it’s so unposeable) but at least on the other girls i was able to switch them for either sekiguchi or obitsu bodies but because of 03ssor’s complexion, i can’t switch her body. which reminds me, Jackie is even switching the body of the 03rd for me to a sekiguchi body! thanks so much^^  now with the extra cash i can finally buy those volks clothes i was eyeing, plus some Parakiss stuff 😀 I hope Rilly will be able to help us with the paypal transaction 😕


August 9, 2006


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today i went to Jerusalem to get an exemption from the army because it was really worrying me (besides, all my friends have already done it like 3 months ago) i also spoke to Sylvie and she said i’s really not too bad for girls to skip the army, it’s more of a problem for boys. well all went well and i feel so much better ^_^

i also partly finished my Miwako custom momoko (from Paradise Kiss) ~> i could curl her hair, but i really like how i did it now^^ i just need to set it so it stays. also, if i have more time, i’ll sew her something happy berry- inspired 🙂 I am in love with paradise kiss by the way! the anime was great and i have yet to read the manga (thanks to Jess i’ll have lots of manga to read soon! thanks so much!) it really inspired me to sew much more! i just did stripey pajamas and a pair of pants. YAY MORE SEWING! Parakiss= love 😆 OK i’ll try to stop obsessing :p

August 5, 2006

Feeling good

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Ahh this power walks out with the dog are really invigorating! i feel like i could go out there and jog for another hour! I also got some emails done which is good, and i may win rem’s custom momoko! i really hope i do cuz i love it so much^^ the doll, hair and outfit are so awesomely done! anyhow, i’ll only know Monday night *gasp it seems like an eternity* i really hope i don’t get outbid because i won’t be able to go any higher >_<

We got invited to this dinner of some close friends (actually they’re the ones i ran over to babysit for at 5:00am :lol:) and they have such a hot cousin! he’s so funny and i love his little accent 🙂 (has anyone noticed that i seem a little  boy crazy? cuz i’m starting to see a pattern now that i’ve been blogging here…)

July 28, 2006

I Lost T_T

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i didn’t win the red midnight crossing…i fell asleep and the bid went for 500 yen more than i had bid. JUST 500 YEN! i was soo close! but it’s ok cuz i was re-arranging my momokos and they are already pretty squished up there on my shelf so one more would not have been such a great idea. However instead i went on a clothes fetish and bought a lot (now in hindsight i wonder why i felt that i had to spend that money one way or the other?)

Red midnight crossing

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yes! i might get her, and for a really good price! now my momoko collection will feel complete! (how many times have i already said that?….) all i have to do is wait another 3 hours and then i will know! the suspense is killing me! i’ve pacing around the computer, browsing aimlessly, and putting these little exclamation marks everywhere! ok i’ll stop 😛

last night i finished the layered Mediterranean  dress i was sewing (took me like all day, but with lots of breaks mind you) and it looks really nice on Winona. I’ll have to take pictures. Well i actually have taken pictures, i just have no way of uploading them since i have no clue where that little disc went in the move… oh well,  i could always try hooking up the other computer instead. I think it still has the program installed there.

July 17, 2006

day one of move

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i feel so exhausted! we’ve been moving stuff little by little to the new apartment and it’s just so draining that i was actually happy to go to work after! thankfully the movers are coming tomorrow to take most of the stuff! I’ve also decided now that we’re moving, to cut down on stuff and to stop buying unnecessary things. this new resolve was working till hlj emailed me about an item i had on preorder about 2 months ago and i had completely forgotten about! now i feel like getting it (it’s the yukata summer momoko that i wanted, i’ve been avoiding eBay since she was released just in-case my mouse-clicking-happy finger might buy her) but now since hlj has her ready for me… gah i just don’t know what to do!

July 10, 2006

just another day…

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i saw this beautiful dress that itachi made out of clay, so i attempted to sew something like it for my momoko. sadly i remembered halfway through how i can’t follow instructions and so i just ended up making 2 random tops instead (which came out really well in my opinion). I can’t wait for the magnet obitsu bodies to come so i can see how well that magnet thing actually works^^

June 29, 2006


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i decided to browse through deviant-art and sort through my messages ( they accumulated soo much since i was last there! i must make it a point to check it more often) and now i’m all refreshed and inspired to draw some more! i want to experiment more with my inking pens to get the same kind of effect HOON gets^^

today i watched millennium actress again, ah it’s so good (^_^) progress on my chiyoko momoko is coming along well, all i need is the key necklace.

June 27, 2006


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yay rem finished akinori’s pink hair re-root! she looks so much better now and the hair looks so silky^^ i’m in the process of getting her some little red glasses to finish off her look ~

last night i had such a good dream! David was in it^^ seriously, what i wouldn’t give to see David again ^_^  maybe he’ll come down some time?

the accountant lady came over yesterday (sand-witched in between 2 back to back babysitting jobs >_<) but now my father wants to pay me so maybe it won’t e that bad after all, although i would feel bad taking money from him since he’s already paying the lady. i found out yesterday that she does river dancing! who would’ve thought XD

June 19, 2006

happy box

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life can be so cruel at times T_T just when i resolved not to spend any more money on unnecessary things, a happy box momoko shows up on eBay (see link) and not just any one of the happy box momokos…but one of the three i've been looking for since like march! and she even looks like the memoirs of a geisha girl too…T_T


someone seriously needs to teach me how to make those cute little cuts so that you can just click on some words and it'll automatically lead you to the link cuz this whole link business is way to crazy <_< 

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