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August 20, 2006

nothing much

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just doing some phone calls for Sylvie while listening to lilix. i really like their new song “sweet temptation”. This company i called is so cute lol. the guy who’s in charge their was just over last week for a meeting and a woman from there had called asking for something, but i couldn’t help her so yoni (he boss who was at my house) asked me for the phone and pretended to be some random person OMFG Adam and i were laughing so hard πŸ˜† he was like “who is this, which department do you work in? do you like your job” and a bunch of other random questions, then he was like “do you know who you’re talking to?” and she apparently didn’t -so i’m sure it must have really shocked her when she found out that it was her boss XD


August 15, 2006


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Did i mention how much i love Adam? well just in case i haven’t, i’m doing so now πŸ˜› he’s just so nice and hot and talented *swoons* i can’t wait till he comes back tomorrow^^ i feel like a total idiot though at the same time because never have i been so in love and weird, but i am now. every day when he comes over i just can’t stop smiling 😳 πŸ˜€

August 10, 2006

Trades and stuff

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Jackie was looking for a 04AN so i decided to sell her mine, and she’s going to trade me her 03rd (yay!) for my 03ssor. i kind of feel bad that i never bonded with her (especially after rudi looked for her for me) I think it’s because of her SAJ body which i hate on all the petwroks girls (since it’s so unposeable) but at least on the other girls i was able to switch them for either sekiguchi or obitsu bodies but because of 03ssor’s complexion, i can’t switch her body. which reminds me, Jackie is even switching the body of the 03rd for me to a sekiguchi body! thanks so much^^Β  now with the extra cash i can finally buy those volks clothes i was eyeing, plus some Parakiss stuff πŸ˜€ I hope Rilly will be able to help us with the paypal transaction πŸ˜•

August 9, 2006


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today i went to Jerusalem to get an exemption from the army because it was really worrying me (besides, all my friends have already done it like 3 months ago) i also spoke to Sylvie and she said i’s really not too bad for girls to skip the army, it’s more of a problem for boys. well all went well and i feel so much better ^_^

i also partly finished my Miwako custom momoko (from Paradise Kiss) ~> i could curl her hair, but i really like how i did it now^^ i just need to set it so it stays. also, if i have more time, i’ll sew her something happy berry- inspired πŸ™‚ I am in love with paradise kiss by the way! the anime was great and i have yet to read the manga (thanks to Jess i’ll have lots of manga to read soon! thanks so much!) it really inspired me to sew much more! i just did stripey pajamas and a pair of pants. YAY MORE SEWING! Parakiss= love πŸ˜† OK i’ll try to stop obsessing :p

July 31, 2006


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while jogging with Bambi (formerly known as clover) i decided to drop by nechama’s since she just moved and guess what? she had the same movers we did πŸ˜† (but a completely different experience) in the end though i had to rush back because i found out my mother wasn’t feeling well T_T it really sucks to be sick! i think i’ll stay up tonight and sort through boxes for her so she can rest more at ease knowing things are getting done.

Also, i don’t know what I’ve done to deserve this, but both gab and alr are being such assholes! what are their problems? gabs been all moody lately and i seriously can’t stand his attitudes. alr is like stalking me or something, and she emailed me today saying “i was bored so i was going to the forums you usually go to and i read what you wrote [insert my comment here] and you should just know, anybody can read it, as i just proved to you” WTF? i think i knew that by posting something up, it would be available to whoever’s interested in reading it, secondly, what is she…my mother? i don’t know, she just really pisses me off sometimes

July 30, 2006

But it’s not morning yet!

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i was just called over to close friends of ours because Rochel had to be taken to the hospital by her husband and the kids were still sleeping, (well so was i in a way i guess). So i trekked over in my hotel slippers (those are the best cuz they’re free and comfortable) and entertained the baby till they got back. Poor guys, they looked horrible so i told them if they needed me later, just to call (provided that i wasn’t catching up on some missed sleep ;P)

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