doki doki

February 18, 2008

i’m still here

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wow i almost forgot about this blog! it was so much fun reading back *good times good times yeah yeah* EVERYONE’S GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!! will i ever find i nice guy??? these random guys i meet are nice… but that’s not what i’m looking for. oh well on a different note tomorrow’s going to be a SNOW DAY!!! i’m so excited! there’s this shirt i wanted to sew myself so i’ll get to do that tomorrow and i could clean the house while i’m at it. i can’t wait to move again!
oh i almost forgot, my unoa came today!
isn’t she cute? (although i kind of feel it wasn’t worth the money but what the hell, i’ve sold most of my dolls and random junk)


July 11, 2006

sad wallet

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i sure spent a lot today heh heh… the 2 ccs momokos came out and i got these little outfits from cindy^^ well at least i know i won’t be spending anymore since we’re moving. tommorow’s my math exam so i have to go study some more…

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