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February 19, 2008

after the wedding

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so after a loong day of housework, i decided to go to racheli’s wedding- i’m really glad i did since i had a lot of fun, it was seriously one of the nicer weddings i’ve been to, not just because of the decor and stuff, but the general atmosphere was nice, and the band was great! i met Ria there, and later bassi and leah came. i’m really glad they did, i feel like i got to know them so much better now. i had a great time dancing and now i am sooo exhausted so i’m going to sleep now


February 18, 2008

i’m still here

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wow i almost forgot about this blog! it was so much fun reading back *good times good times yeah yeah* EVERYONE’S GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!! will i ever find i nice guy??? these random guys i meet are nice… but that’s not what i’m looking for. oh well on a different note tomorrow’s going to be a SNOW DAY!!! i’m so excited! there’s this shirt i wanted to sew myself so i’ll get to do that tomorrow and i could clean the house while i’m at it. i can’t wait to move again!
oh i almost forgot, my unoa came today!
isn’t she cute? (although i kind of feel it wasn’t worth the money but what the hell, i’ve sold most of my dolls and random junk)

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