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February 19, 2008

after the wedding

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so after a loong day of housework, i decided to go to racheli’s wedding- i’m really glad i did since i had a lot of fun, it was seriously one of the nicer weddings i’ve been to, not just because of the decor and stuff, but the general atmosphere was nice, and the band was great! i met Ria there, and later bassi and leah came. i’m really glad they did, i feel like i got to know them so much better now. i had a great time dancing and now i am sooo exhausted so i’m going to sleep now

February 18, 2008

i’m still here

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wow i almost forgot about this blog! it was so much fun reading back *good times good times yeah yeah* EVERYONE’S GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!! will i ever find i nice guy??? these random guys i meet are nice… but that’s not what i’m looking for. oh well on a different note tomorrow’s going to be a SNOW DAY!!! i’m so excited! there’s this shirt i wanted to sew myself so i’ll get to do that tomorrow and i could clean the house while i’m at it. i can’t wait to move again!
oh i almost forgot, my unoa came today!
isn’t she cute? (although i kind of feel it wasn’t worth the money but what the hell, i’ve sold most of my dolls and random junk)

May 13, 2007


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i have an interview tomorrow and i’m sort of nervous… thet want me to bring my 11th grade report card… as if i still have that! now i have to call up my highschool and askthem for it (hoping that they still have a copy somewhere). i’m not even sure that’s what i want to do, learning phsycology would really just be something to do to pass the time…
well on the positive side, my eyebrows have almost completley grown back^^

April 23, 2007


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i g for a facial and come back bald… well that’s how i feel anyways. why oh why did the lady touch my eyebrows? i had such good eyebrows too and now i’ve got like nothing… it’s really scary and frustrating. i sure hope they grow back soon… like tomorrow-ish soon otherwise i’ll just have to stay indoors till it grows back T_T

April 7, 2007

over my head

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have you ever felt like what you were doing- or should be doing is the right thing but you just don’t feel happy doing it? or have you ever met someone and you just knew that they were perfect for you since they have a perfect character, a great family- everything, and really you should be happy, but it’s just not what you want?
that’s how i’m feeling right now… maybe i just have to think things over some more but i’d really apreciate feedback^^

April 3, 2007

the wedding date

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i just finished watching this movie^^ it was so good! see now why can’t i get a guy that’s more to my liking? (well i know that it’s because the guy has to be to my parents liking too since they think i’m like 15 but that’s besides the point) when will they realize that i am old enough to make my own decisions? fine they can voice their opinions, but not to the point of… well whatever, i’m so not even going to get into this whole “shalom” buissness…

feel like so

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so it’s been almost two weeks since i started working out with a trainer and i’ve got to admit it’s worth it! even though she’s probably borderline sadistic, i know i sure wouldn’t have lost 4 pounds already without her pushing me
her- so how do you feel?
me- like i’ll die if i do one more
her- ok 3 more then
it’s always 3 more! why>?
also, i’ve been regretting that i sold all my pullips since now i’m just left with wigs and LOTS of clothes, so i think i’m going to get 3 (one pullip, dal and taeyang should do it)

January 6, 2007

Looking for a bidding agent?

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if anyone out there is looking for a bidding company to help them bid on yahoo! japan i highly reccomend using abidko ( they are super friendly and anwser to their emails quickly! i have only had good experiences in my dealings with them!

October 24, 2006

not enough time….

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you’d think i relaxed somewhat since i’ve been on sick leave for the past 3 days. well if you think that way, boy are you wrong. this week has been sooo hectic at work! i think i’ve been working double as much, so it’ll be good to get back to classes tomorrow, cuz then i’ll just work my regular hours (even though working is way funner, double shifts+ catching up on school work just isn’t) it was really nice of Sarah to have brought over her notes for me 🙂

October 22, 2006

sleep? what’s that?

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sorry for not updating for a while. i’ve been soo busy lately! the one advantage of being sick is getting to stay home and update all my online things XD boy does my voice sound funny now -i hope it won’t scare Adam 😆 hopefully i’ll be able to  get out of work a little early since i was planning on going to the museum with Mira (that is if she doesn’t have any afternoon classes…)

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